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  • 1924 Oakland Avenue Indiana, PA 15701    724-463-7443

    Dollar Sign




    1. This is a handicap tournament. Handicap will be based on 100 % of 220 
    2. Use highest USBC Youth 2016 - 2017 average.  If no average from previous season, bowler may use highest current season’s average, 12 games or more. Bowler will need to bring a copy of the average sheet with them. Bowlers, without a 12 game minimum USBC Youth average, may bowl scratch.

    3. This is a forty frame tournament, where every frame is a new challenge. Bowlers must be able to bowl 40 continuous frames.  Once forty frames are completed, the bowler’s scores plus handicap, are added together to determine the winners. 

    4. This is a scholarship tournament. Scholarships will be awarded at a ratio of 1 in 5. The number of tournament entries will determine amount of scholarships. $400.00 donated by Mohawk Lanes. All scholarship money will be returned 100 percent to the bowlers. All scholarship money will be submitted to the SMART account within 30 days of the tournament. The funds will be held and managed by the SMART (account #12883) 

    5. “Paydays” will be given to the bowlers the day of the event. This is not a monetary amount. 
    6. Reservations are recommended. Limit of 96 bowlers.
    Protests involving eligibility or playing rules must be made to tournament management in writing within the time limits in Rule 329. The decision of tournament management will be final unless a written appeal is filed with USBC Headquarters within the time limits in Rule 329.


    Prize Money:   $10.00
    Bowling:              9.00
    Paydays:               .50
    Bingo, Bango,
    Bongo:                   .50
    Total:                $20.00

    Participants may make reservations via email to mail@mohawklanes.com, or by printing and sending the attached form in the rule document above to 1924 Oakland Avenue, Indiana, PA 15701. 

    For more information please call us at 724-463-7443.

    1924 Oakland Avenue
    Indiana, PA 15701