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  • 1924 Oakland Avenue Indiana, PA 15701    724-463-7443

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    The Ron Dalesandro Memorial Youth Scholarship Tourney

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    Mohawk Lanes and Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers



     THANK YOU to all 2017 participants!! We hope everyone enjoyed this one of a kind tournament.

    Due to overwhelming response (THANK YOU) anyone that wishes to participate in our Forty Frame tournament will need to make reservations!

    Paid reservations will be taken beginning 3 weeks prior to each tourney.  Please call Mohawk at (724) 463-7443.  Our goal is 96 entries.  If cancelling, we need to know IN ADVANCE!


     DATES FOR 2018 

    MAY  11th, JUNE 8th, JULY 13TH &  AUGUST 10th 2018

     ********TOURNEY STARTS @ 7:00PM ********

    $30.00 ENTRY FEE


    $250.00 Guaranteed 1st place

    The forty frame game is one game forty frames long!! While normal scorekeeping and handicapping procedures apply, there are also opportunities in each frame for bonus points, free strikes, and second-chance strikes. and, to add to the excitement, "sour grapes" frames present a special challenge: non-strike first ball cause a loss of pins!! 
    The forty frame game format also offers  opportunities for cash, including 10 chances right on the spot. At the same time, the growing"big whammy" pot is constantly adding to the suspense and competition: a bowler or team finishing with the last six strikes in a row breaks the pot at current posted value

    Rules and Format

    1. Handicap based on 90 % of 220 
    2. Use highest 2016- 2017 average unless this year's (2017-2018) average is 10 pins or higher. If no average from previous season bowler may use highest current season's average, 21 games or more. 
    3. Once forty frames are completed the scores, plus handicap, are added together to determine the winners. Prize money will be paid out each week 
    $6.00 out of each entry fee will go for "payday" to be paid out each night. 
    5. Reservations are suggested, but not required. 
    6. Prizes will be paid out in a 1 in 5 ratio each of the 4 nights. 
    7. Throw the last 6 strikes (the BIG and break the SUPER POT. The BIG VVHAMMY will start at $50. $1.00  from every entry will go into the WHAMMY BANK. If, no one breaks the bank the SUPER POT will continue to grow.



    1924 Oakland Avenue
    Indiana, PA 15701